Friday, July 8, 2016

Teacher Thank you!

Hey there!

I realized that I didn't share the teacher and bus driver thank you presents that my kids gave away this year.

I wanted something simple, but tasty and good.  So, I decided to buy giant chocolate bars from my favourite chocolate maker and make some cute teacher-like tags to with them.

Here are the thank you's my kids took with them to school on their last day.

I wrapped each chocolate bar with a Night of Navy Belly band, and then wrapped that in our pretty white ribbon with a giant bow.

The tags were made using the Ornate Tag Topper Punch, the Water colour words stampset and the mini star punch to add a little gold star!  Perfect for the best teachers and bus driver's kids (and their parents) could ask for.  :)

I had my kids hand write their own message on the back of each tag.  Here is the message my youngest wrote for his teacher.  I think his penmanship would have been much better had I not attached the tag before he wrote his message - opps.   The part I love the most....his signature "writin by"  lol.  Despite his spelling mistake, I think it is SO cute! 

Happy Stampin'


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